Can't insert an Event Registration Form part onto a page but the part is greyed out and won't let me select it

Users may be unable to add more than 1 Event Registration part to a page. A Blackbaud NetCommunity page has been created with an Event Registration Form part on it. When attempting to edit the page and add another part, any part with the Event Registration Form type may be grayed out and cannot be selected. This can cause users to be unable to insert an event form part onto page. 

Users can't place two Event Registration Forms on the same page. Beginning with NetCommunity version 6.45, Event Registration parts will be greyed out when trying to add them to a page that already has an Event Registration part. Only one event registration form part can be placed on a single page at a time. When we place multiple event parts on the same page in earlier version error messages occur.

If you would like to add more than one event to a page, you can edit the Event Registration form and add another event.  This process is outlined in the Event form section of the Parts Guide.

Note: If the event registration form part is grayed out, but there are no other event form parts on the page, then the page may have become corrupt. You will need to create a new page for the event registration form to be placed on. You cannot copy the page, as it will copy whatever is corrupting the page. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Edit a page that already has an Event Registration Form part
  2. Choose to Insert Part
  3. Search for part type: Event Registration Form or Event Registration (Classic)
  4. Note that you are unable to select any of the parts that appear


 Blackbaud NetCommunity
 6.45.2034, patch 0

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