If Blackbaud hosts the NetCommunity database (Fully or Split-Hosted Client): 
Please contact support with this Knowledgebase number. Support will have to work with our network team to correct the error.

If the NetCommunity database is not hosted by Blackbaud: 
Perform these steps in order until the error is resolved
Note: Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.
  1. On the NetCommunity Web Server, recycle the BB App Fx Application Pool in IIS
    1. On the NetCommunity Web Server, open IIS
    2. Select Application Pools
    3. Locate bbAppFxAppPool and select it
    4. Click Recycle
  2. On the NetCommunity Web Server, reset IIS
    1. Open the command prompt on the server
    2. Run iisreset
  3. If the BBNC Web Server and SQL server are two different servers, verify regional settings and the time are the same on all servers. Note: steps may vary based on OS.
    1. Navigate to Start>Control Panel
    2. Click Clock, Language and Regional Settings
    3. Click Date and Time, and note the date and time, and Time Zone
    4. Repeat for remaining Server/s
  4. Perform repair of the Blackbaud NetCommunity installation
    1. Navigate to Start>Control Panel
    2. Click Uninstall a Program or view all programs
    3. Locate Blackbaud
    4. Right click on Blackbaud and select Uninstall/Change
    5. When prompted, select Modify/Repair and click Next
    6. Continue with the Modify/Repair until complete
  5. Restart NetCommunity SQL Server
  6. Uninstall Blackbaud NetCommunity, then reinstall NetCommunity