1. Open the CRM start screen.
2. Select Utilities.
3. Navigate to the Address Validation deploy.
4. Select the first radio button: Install validation service.
5. Click next.
6. In the Provider field, select the radio button next to Satori.
7. In the Path field, browse to the path where you would like to install/update the Address Validation Service.
8. Click Next.
9. Browse to the location where the Satori postal files are already located. You will see files titled Address.cas, DPV.cas, etc.
10. Click Next on the Satori Data File Location screen.
11. Click Next on the Address Validation Install screen.
12. Click Next on the Service Options screen.
13. Click Finish and you will see a status message stating that it is stopping the service, updating it, starting the service, etc.
14. Once the installation completes, open My Computer.
15. Browse to the location from step 7 above.
16. Right click on the file titled Blackbaud.AppFx.AddressValidation.Server.exe.
17. Select Properties and choose the Details tab.
18. Note the File version listed. This version should match your new CRM database version.