BATCHREVENUEAUDIT table appears to grow at an excessive rate

Audit tables track changes and deletions to the database.  In general, tables grow based on how much the data in them changes.  In general, database table growth can be considered excessive if the potential number of user interactions is greatly outnumbered by the number of corresponding entries in the audit table.  Two things to look for are:
  • Are there runs of AUDITDATES that are really close together?  If so, that could indicate that an automated process is not functioning correctly and is saving a record repeatedly, instead of just once as necessary.
  • Does the data actually change at all?  An audit table entry should only be created if there is a change to the record. 
In the case of the BATCHREVENUEAUDIT table, there appear to be a number of rows that do not indicate any change in records, which appears to be related to why this table grows so quickly.
This issue was caused by a customization. If you are experiencing a similar issue, review How to request assistance for customization issues in Blackbaud CRM for more information.



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