Check the following steps until the issue is resolved:
  1. Make sure there is a program event scheduled for the program:
    1. Navigate to Tickets, then click on Program Search
    2. Enter the program name and click Search
    3. Open the program
    4. On the Calendar, make sure there is a program event on the day you were selecting in Daily Sales
  2. Make sure that date does not occur in on a past date:
    1. You cannot sell tickets to past date in Daily Sales. If you need to sell a ticket(s) to a past event date, you will need to use Advance Sales. Please refer to our Knowledgebase solution I need to sell a ticket to a past event
  3. Check the On-Sale Period for Daily Sales on the scheduled program:
    1. In the program click the On-Sale tab
    2. Make sure Daily Sales is listed as an available sales method
    3. If you are selling a program to a past time, make sure the time frame in the On-Sale period ends column extends to or past the current time. For example, if it is 2PM and you are trying to sell a ticket to the 1:30PM event, you will want to make sure the On-Sale Period for Daily Sales is at least 30 minutes after the event start time. To edit this, click the drop down arrows beside Daily Sales and click Edit.
    4. If the on-sale period ends for any sales method is greater than 232100, reduce the number
    5. Make sure that no other program has a large on-sale period ends. Click Events, Go to date of problem on Event Calendar, Check other Programs that occur on the same day for the problem for an on-sale period ends is any are over 232100 then reduce the number 
  4. Make sure that the event is not sold out:
    1. Go to the Event List tab on the program and find your event.
    2. Make sure the event is not sold out and the Availability is greater than 0.
    3. If you need to adjust the capacity for the event, click the event name and click Edit Event.
    4. Adjust the capacity to increase it for the amount of tickets needed.
  5. Verify that the event is not a members only event:
    1. Navigate to Events, then click Program Search
    2. Search for and open the program
    3. Click Event List tab
    4. Click drop down next to event and select Edit
    5. Verify what membership programs are listed on event in Restrict ticket sales to these memberships section
      • Note: If the event is a member only event it can still be purchased, if the patron has a qualifying membership or the patron is purchasing a qualifying membership. The patron must be attached to the order first, or the membership needs to be added to the basket before the schedule program event can be purchased.
If this issue persists after following the above steps, please Click Chat with Support and reference this article.