In March 2019 Blackbaud announced the retirement of this tool. For more information on this tool and the retirement check out this Knowledgebase.

Giving Score queries allow you to create lists of your constituents to be used in other processes throughout the program, such as in mailings. The lists you create are based on the Giving Score ratings your constituents receive when your data is scored for the Giving Score through the Data Health Center, or when you manually assign a Giving Score. For example, if you start a campaign and want to send targeted mailings to your best donors, you can use a Giving Score query to create a list of all of your constituents who have a rating of VIP, and use that list for the mailing.

A Giving Score query record is slightly different from other query types. Rather than containing four tabs from which to build your query and view its results, a Giving Score query record uses a list concept to create your query in one step, and then display your results on a single page. For example, you can create a Giving Score query that produces a list off all of constituents with a Giving Score rating of VIP. Then, you have the ability to add additional filters as needed (i.e. filter the list of VIPs to only show constituents with a constituency code of Board Member).

To create a Giving Score query:

  1. From the Query page in The Raiser's Edge, click New Query
  2. In the Query Type field, select Giving Score
  3. Click OK
  4. Select the Giving Score rating(s) you would like to include
  5. Click OK
Available tasks in Giving Score query: (the numbers in this list below correspond to the screen shot below)
  1. Add/Remove additional filters
  2. Add/Remove constituents from the results
  3. Edit the Giving Score assigned to a constituent
  4. Add an assigned solicitor to constituents
  5. View Giving History for constituents as well as a quick view of the Recent/Largest/First gifts for constituents
  6. Run a WealthPoint search/View WealthPoint results for constituents
  7. Add/edit constituent Actions on constituents
  8. Add/edit constituent Notes on constituents