Error: Online App Initialization error - when attempting to access OLA/OLRA forms in BBNC plug-in

When attempting to access Online Admissions and re-enrollment forms, you may encounter the following error:

Online App Initialization error: Error occurred while loading online applicaton transactions: Error occurred while accessing the run time value for component item: Field (Name: FirstName, Id: 49f9654c-037c-405b-846346243fb6) could not be found
To resolve this error, we can delete the application from plugin and re-submit the form from NetCommunity.

To delete the application from the plugin:
  1. Log into the Education Edge with the NetCommunity plugin.
  2. Click on the NetCommunity plugin.
  3. Select Process submitted admissions forms link.
  4. Highlight the form submission that is returning the error and click delete selected.

Next, resubmit the application:
  1. Log into the NetCommunity site with rights to the forms section.
  2. Navigate to Site explorer > Forms.
  3. Click on the form data tab.
  4. Search for the form in question > mark the checkbox next to the form.
  5. Click Resubmit.


 6.35.1001, patch 27 ; 6.41.537, patch 8

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