Query is a grouping tool in The Raiser's Edge used to group together constituents based on the Criteria you select. Query contains an Output tab from which users can select any fields they wish to include in the Results. However, queries can sometimes have duplicates in their results

Query List is a snap shot of an existing Constituent, Individual, Organization, or Giving Score query that can be used as a workspace. We are not able to add additional filters in Query List, but we can Add/Remove specific constituents (individual records or using a query) from the Query List. From the Results, there are a limited number of Output fields. However there is a quick view of each constituent’s giving summary and constituencies, and duplicates are automatically suppressed. Query List can be used anywhere in the program that a query can be.

NOTE: The results of a query list are considered Static, and will not change unless you manually edit the list to add or remove constituents.