1. Control > Query > Click New and select Gifts Query
  2. Expand Gifts > Gift Information
  3. Click Gift Type > Click Add
  4. Select Equals Recurring Gift > Click OK
  5. Click Next
  6. Select the fields to display
    • Note: Please make sure to select the following fields:
    • *Outstanding Amount (under Gift Information folder)
    • *Last Gift Date (under Financial Highlights folder)
    • *First and Last Name (under Contact > Profile > Profile Highlights)
    • *Contact fields such as Address Line 1, City, and other fields as needed etc
  7. Click Next > Click Finish

Notes: This report will include all recurring donors. The Last Gift Date and Outstanding Amount will tell you if the donor has future scheduled payments (if Outstanding Amount is 0 then the donor completed the recurring donations) OR when was their last gifts (if the last gift date was 2 yrs ago and there is an outstanding amount then the donor stopped making their recurring donations)