A Friendly URL is a user-defined representation of an actual URL, usually to fulfill some cosmetic function. (example: https://www.organizationname.org/donate, instead of: https://www.organizationname.org/sslpage.aspx?pid=321)
Within a NetCommunity website, each page must have a completely unique URL. 

This error indicates the URL is already in use on another page. 

You may consider using another URL, however if you don't want to use an alternative URL, you must locate the other page to free up the URL for use. 

To search for active pages using the existing URL:
  1. Navigate to Site Explorer>Pages & Templates
  2. Select the Search tab
  3. Under Page name, title or url contains:, search for the portion of the URL you want to use. For example, /donate
    • If the correct page is returned, proceed with the next step. 
    • If no results are returned, this indicates the page may be deleted. In this case, proceed to section To search for deleted pages.
  4. After locating the correct page, click the hand icon to open Page Properties
  5. Under Page URL, confirm the URL is the one you want to use, and edit it to be something else
  6. Click Finish
  7. Now, return the page where you want to have this URL, and update it.
To search for deleted pages:
  1. Navigate to Site explorer > Pages and Templates
  2. On the left side of the screen select Deleted Pages/Templates
  3. Locate the page that may be using that URL
    • Note: The page URLs do not display until you restore the page
  4. Mark the box next to the page in question
  5. Click Restore
  6. Once the page restores, follow the steps above in section To search for active pages using the existing URL
    • Note: you may need to repeat the restore process until you locate the page which has the desired URL
    • You may delete the unneeded pages again
    • If the URL is not located within any deleted pages, move onto the next section To search for URLs created by the Friendly URL utility

To search for URLs created by the Friendly URL utility
  1. Navigate to Site Explorer > Friendly URLs
  2. Search the URL gallery for the Friendly URL that you'd like to use
  3. Either delete the Friendly URL entry, or edit it and change the Friendly URL to free it up for the other page you'd like to use it for
If this error happens when trying to save a site under Administration>Sites & Settings
This may happen if the URL is use by another site already. It could be in use on an archived site. Check the other site URLs to confirm the URL is not in use. Each site must have a unique URL, though a directory, the portion after .org/directory can be added to make the URL unique. If you check each of the active sites and they do not have a matching URL, check an archived site. The process would be similar to:
  1. Select the archived site
  2. Click Restore
  3. Change URL
  4. Save
  5. Update desired site with desired URL
  6. Re-archive site