When an Online Reenrollment form is downloaded into the Education Edge NetCommunity plugin, the hyperlink on the web site's Form Display Part changes to prevent another copy of the same reenrollment form from being started for that student.  Once the reenrollment form is processed out of the plugin and into the corresponding Education Edge record, however, the Form Display Part hyperlink will once again allow that student to complete and submit the reenrollment form.

For this reason, it is necessary to plan reenrollment form processing using an approach similar to the following examples:
  1. Set a particular date range during which online reenrollment forms will be accepted.  Suspend the form during any dates outside of that range, and do not process the submitted reenrollment forms out of the plugin until the end of the designated date range.
  2. Set the reenrollment form to select students to include based on a dynamic Education Edge query, and set internal procedures for online reenrollment form processing which will allow that query to consistently produce an accurate result set of students who are eligible for reenrollment but have not yet had an online reenrollment form processed to their record.