How to add a new printer to TA

Adding a printer to TA takes about 1-2 minutes and is very easy to do. The steps below will guide a TA user through this process:

1. Log into TA
2. Place your cursor over the 'Main Menu' module in TA (on the top left hand side) and press {F9}.  This will bring up the Operations screen.
3. The Operations screen lists all of the available menu operations in TA and displays a [Find] box. Place the cursor in the [Find] box to the left of the “%” sign and start typing Printer. Two menu operations should appear in the operations list – Printer Code Entry and Printer Code Listing.
4. Make sure that Printer Code Entry is highlighted and then click the <Okay> button to navigate to the Printer Code Entry screen.
5. On the Printer Code Entry screen, the Find Code pop-up screen will display. Click the {New} button to add a new printer.
6. The Create New Code pop-up screen should display. Enter the name of the new printer into the [Code] box and then click the {Create} button (e.g. HP200_2nd).
7. The record for the new printer should display and will display a status of Active. The cursor will be in the [Description] box. Enter a description for the new printer, entering identifying details such as model and location, and then navigate out of the Printer Code Entry screen as desired.

Unix Steps

8. Add the new printer to the Unix print server, typically this is located on the TA Queue server.

How to set a new printer as the system default.

You can designate a printer to be a system default – or the preferred printer that defaults when a report or other operations in TA are being scheduled.

As the PBDS user, log into the database and execute the following:



Restart the TA queues in order for the update to go into effect.

On the Unix side of things, update the PRINTER environment variable to reflect the name of the default printer in the applicable TA user profile document (i.e. the pbdsenv, or .set_ta_env file).