How to reorder Sponsorship logos in a Kintera Thon

A Blackbaud Sphere user is adding Sponsorship logos to their Friends Asking Friends Event (FAF). The user would like the logos under each Sponsorship Level to display in a specific order.  This solution outlines how to change the order of those logos on the View our Sponsors page or in general.
Sponsorship logos will be ordered based on the date of the Sponsorship entry.  They default from oldest sponsorship entry being the first to the most recent  entry being the last within the level. 

For example: You have two sponsor logos in Silver Level. They can only be reordered within that level. Reordering is level specific. 

To reorder the Sponsorship logos, there are two ways to do so:
  1. Re-enter them manually within the event in the desired order.
  2. Upload the sponsor logos into a standalone webpage in the desired order and create custom menu link.


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