Complete each of these steps:
  1. Edit BBMS disbursement information to reflect the new bank account
  2. In Altru, go to Treasury> Manage Bank Accounts
  3. If the new bank account is at the same bank as the old account, click the hyperlinked bank account name to open it
    1. On the left hand Tasks menu click Edit bank account
    2. Change the Routing and Account numbers to reflect the new account.
  4. If the new bank account is at a different bank, click Add a Bank in the left hand Tasks Menu.
    1. If the bank does not have an organization constituent record in Altru, click on the magnifying glass.
    2. Then, click Add and add a new organization record.
    3. Click Save to save the bank.
    4. After Adding the account, go back to Treasury > Manage Bank Accounts
    5. Click on the name of the old bank account and click Close Account in the left hand Tasks menu
    6. When prompted, choose to assign the cash account to another bank account
    7. Add the new bank account information and save