If the user conflict is for a relationship: 
  1. Click View Relationship Matches
  2. Select the matched relationship record that displays the Relation User Conflict status
  3. Click Fix User Conflict
  4. Mark the desired option when the Fix User Conflict prompt shows. Select the username that should stay connected to the record mentioned in the message.
User-added image
In the image above, Test Teacher is the record that we need to choose the username for. The username from that record is teacher. So, we would choose the username teacher. 
  1. Click OK 
  2. The Match Status in the Relationship Matches window will now read Match instead of Relation User Conflict.  Click OK to return to process the form. 
  3. Click the Process form button
  4. Another prompt may show that reads: This application was submitted by NetCommunity user '', which is currently linked to the Education Edge record for . Do you want the NetCommunity user to be linked to this form's applicant or student record instead?
If this prompt shows, Click No.

If the User Conflict is for the Applicant record, please refer to different steps to resolve the user conflict for applicants