Report Card information is currently unavailable when viewing a Report Card from FAWeb

In version 7.83 for FAWeb, teachers have the ability to view specific parts of NetClassroom as their Students are able to view it. When trying to view a report card, the teachers see a message indicating the report card is unavailable. However, the student is able to view the report card when logging into NetClassroom.
1. In Configuration -> NetClassroom -> Features, ensure that Report Cards are marked as a feature available for students (Note: If the feature is only turned on for relations, teachers will be unable to view the report card.)

2. Ensure the FAWeb User group that the teacher is part of has access to view report cards:
  1. In Registrar's Office, select Administration, Set up System Security.
  2. Open the FAWeb group.
  3. Under System Components, highlight Registrar's Office.
  4. Under Registrar's Office on the right, highlight Grades (which is greyed out) and click the 'Options...' button above the Registrar's Office heading.
  5. Ensure all checkboxes here are marked.
  6. Click OK, then save and close the group.
3. Ensure the NTFS permissions are correct to the PDF folder in the FAWeb and NetClassroom directories

Once the repot card feature is turned on for students, and the user group permissions and NTFS permissions are checked, publish the report card to FAWeb and clear the server cache.



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