The EA7RecordsID field is available in Export, but not in Records or Query.  For example, if using a Student export, select the Output tab and expand the Student node.  EA7RecordsID is listed under this node and can be selected.

The EA7RecordsID is the last part of a record's Import ID.  The Import ID for a record is formatted as follows: serialnumber-EA7Records ID.  The EA7RecordsID is the value that comes after the dash in the Import ID. 

For example, if the student's Import ID is WGLASA11111-190, then his EA7RecordsID is 190.  The Import ID can be viewed in File, Properties menu of a student record or in queries, but as noted above, the EA7RecordsID value is only available in Export.

Note: The EA7RecordsID can only be exported in Admissions office or Registrar's office