How to set up your two reports:
  1. On the General tab, select the same date range on both reports. 
    Note: On the Account Distribution Report, make sure the Post date and the Transaction date ranges are the same.
  2. On the Filters tab, ensure that any accounts selected are selected the same for both reports.
  3. On the Filters tab, set the Not Yet Posted Transactions filter to None for both reports.
How to Compare the reports: 
On the Account Distribution report, subtract the Total Debits from the Total Credits to get the net change for that time frame. Compare that total to the Account Net Change on the General Ledger Report.
Why these reports wouldn't match:
  1. The transactions have different transaction and post dates.
    For example, if the Account Distribution report is looking at a transaction and post date range of 1/1/12-1/31/12, and a transaction has a transaction date of 1/1/12 but a post date of 2/1/12, this transaction and it's amount would not be included in this report.
  2. If any transactions are marked as Do Not Post in the submodule.
  3. Transactions didn't post to the correct accounts.