You can target your event contacts when building a receiver query for your mailings.

Starting from:
- Communications > Email
  1. Manage your mailing campaign
  2. Create a new mailing.  Give it a name significant to your purpose
  3. Click on the Receivers button. This is the receivers query builder
    This lets you build your list of receivers from your Sphere contacts and contact lists.
  4. Expand the following folders:  Communities, Special Events, Friends Asking Friends
  5. Click on Choose Event link within the Kintera Thon item listing
  6. Select the events you wish to include from the popup window and click Ok
  7. Now you can select the event group you wish to reach out to.  Select, for example, Participants and click Add
        -If you check off the boxes in the popup window you can filter by the relevant selection, such as fundraising goal or team membership
  8. The default selection will pull all records of the chosen type

Once you click Ok you will see a filter in the Query window, matching the conditions you just specified.  You can further filter your mailing recipients from here, should you need.

NOTE: If you select multiple events you will pull the same population out of each event selected.  Create a filter for each event if you need to distinguish groups based on their event.