Error: Transaction to adjust is no longer active and ORA-00001: unique constraint (PBDS.PK_TRANSACTIONS) violated - Post Gift Batch

When posting an adjustment batch, the errors below are written to the log:

Batch 4041200145, item 86: gm_rev.reverse_transaction: Transaction to adjust is no longer active.; User-Defined Exception

Batch 4041200145, item 86: insert_transactions/ Account ID: 31516486; Gift Date: 20-DEC-11; Gift Sequence #: 1; Adjustment Sequence: 3; ORA-00001: unique constraint (PBDS.PK_TRANSACTIONS) violated

Benefit: itb.benefit ORA-00001: unique constraint (PBDS.PK_TRANSACTION_BENEFITS) violated


The error above means that the Transaction you were trying to adjust was already adjusted between the time the current batch item was created and the time you attempted to post it.  Note the details of the adjustment you were trying to make and review the current state of the transaction in question.  If the adjustment still applies, delete the batch item and re-enter it. If it no longer applies, then just delete it and do not re-enter it.

This sometimes happens when posting Charge Processing rejections.  If you are on 5.0.17 or earlier then you can delete the batch item and contact Team Approach support to update the bank approval status on the pledge from PE to RR.  If you are on 5.0.18 or later, you cannot delete items from a Charge Processing batch and will need Team Approach Support this.

If you have questions or require assistance to delete a charge batch item or reset a bank approval status code, please create a support request at providing the details of the issue and referencing this solution.

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