Note because of the steps involved that it may be easier to find a manual workaround and this would typically be used for an exception situation.  The AR module does not allow payment on an invoice before the invoice is generated.

1.  Payment is received on a date before the invoice is generated. The user may want to post the deposit to one month, and the invoice will not be generated until the next.

2.  Enter a credit memo under the Invoice folder, using the same revenue code that the invoice will later have, using the date the deposit will be made.
     Example:   3/31/2012   Debit   A001 03 07  5215  (Revenue)
                                              Credit A001 00 00  1210  (AR acct)

3. Go to Receipts, and and do a "Cash Receipt",(not an invoice receipt)  again using the same revenue code and the date the payment was received.
    Example:   3/31/2012    Debit  A001 00 00  1112  (Cash clearing)
                                             Credit A001 03 07  5215  (Revenue acct)

4.  Include the cash receipt in the daily deposit.
     Example:  3/31/2012    Debit A001 00 00 1110 (Cash in Bank)
                                              Credit A001 00 00  1112 (Cash Clearing)

5. On a later date, ie. 4/1/2012,  the "Standard Invoice" will be generated.
    Example:    4/1/2012   Debit A001 00 00  1210  (Accounts Receivable)
                                           Credit A001 03 07  5215 (Revenue)

6. Once the invoice is posted, you can again go into the Receipts Folder, and this time do an "Invoice Receipt" to apply the credit memo against the invoice. That will then show all activity on the customer record with zero balances.
    Example:    4/1/2012  Debit A001 00 00 1210  (Accounts Receivable)
                                           Credit A001 00 00 1210 (Accounts Receivable)
                     (Result is zero entry)

This method shows a credit in the AR account until the invoice is generated (or a contra account if it is used).  The revenue, which is zeroed out in steps 2 and 3 is not recognized until the invoice is generated.
The customer statement after all this was done showed the credit memo on 10/1 and the invoice on 10/28, both with a balance of zero.
At the end of this process, all accounts except the debit to the cash account and a credit to the revenue account are zeroed out.
The cash is recognized at the earlier date, and the revenue is on the later date.