One cause of being continuously prompted to change the password and security question and answer can be that the browser cache needs to be cleared out for the user.

First Step: Have the user attempt to login on a different PC and see if they can successfully login without being prompted for a new password.

Second Step: Have the user clear out the cache of their browser, by doing the following:

In Internet Explorer:
  1. Click the Tools menu
  2. Click Internet Options
  3. Under the General tab, locate the "Browsing history" area
  4. Click the Delete button
  5. Click Delete files under Temporary Internet Files
  6. Click OK until the user is back into Internet Explorer
  7. Close Internet Explorer
  8. Re-open Internet Explorer
  9. Attempt to login again
In Firefox:
  1. Click the Tools menu
  2. Click Clear Recent History
  3. Expand the Details section
  4. Select only Cache
  5. In the Time Range to Clear drop-down choose Everything
  6. Click "Clear Now"
  7. Exit out of Firefox
  8. Re-open Firefox
  9. Attempt to login again
Ensure Compatibility Mode is enabled:
  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Log in to Sphere
  3. Press the Alt key on your keyboard
  4. Locate and open the Tools menu, located under the Address Bar
  5. Open Compatibility View Settings
  6. Click the Add button to add "" to the list of Compatibility View sites
  7. Click Close
  8. Refresh the page and try the function again

    If this does not resolve the issue:
    Chat with Support and reference this article.