What caused an Automatic Correction to a Pledge (Adjustment Type AC)?

The following is an explanation of what can cause an automatic correction to a pledge (Adjustment Type AC).
A Pledge will be auto-corrected when a PP (Pledge Payment) is entered IF:
  1. The Pledge is overpaid
  2. Any Benefit fields in an existing Benefit are changed *
  3. Matching Gifts are changed
  4. It is the 1st PP AND any of the following are changed:
Gift_Type     (as long as the corresponding System Preference = Y)
Source         (as long as the corresponding System Preference = Y)
*  Benefits can be considered changed even if the status displayed next to the Benefit on Batch Detail is not ‘Changed’. If the user sees the ‘[Field(s)] changed. Reevaluate Benefits?’ alert and selects Yes, then all Benefits that were automatically awarded are removed and Benefits are re-awarded.  There may appear to be no net change (the exact same set of Benefits may be awarded) in this instance, but Team Approach will now treat these Benefits as ‘changed’ and an Auto Correction will result when the batch is posted.

Note:  If there are no Benefits and you click Yes to Reevaluate Benefits? and there are still no Benefits added, then this does NOT count as a change and NO auto-correction will occur.  The opposite is also true:  If there are Benefits and you click No to Reevaluate Benefits?, no change occurs, and therefore NO auto-correction will occur.
Several changes can cause the Reevaluate Benefits alert to display:
  1. On an Adjustment, when the Pledge Amount or Payment Amount is changed
  2. On the entry of a first Pledge Payment, and any of the following fields are changed during entry:
    • Account Type
    • Activity
    • Campaign
    • Initiative
    • Source
    • Technique
    • Package
    • Recipient Account
    • Payment Amount (but not when this is the only change and you are either entering an IN, SG, or SP Pledge Payment or you are entering an OP Pledge Payment and Payment Amount = Pledge Amount)
    • Payment Method
    • Gift Kind
    • Gift Type
    • Summary Gift Type
    • Pledge Amount
    • Classification (you Zoomed to Classification Entry and added/changed something)
A PL (Pledge) will also be auto-corrected if a SG (Sustaining Gift) PL is processed and there is an existing SG Pledge that Post Gift Batch closes with the same SG Number.

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