On March 31st, we will be updating Guidestar to the latest data load with the corrections.  All new searches will be performed on this updated Guidestar database after this date.

In addition, GuideStar clean up will not touch any Guidestar matches that are confirmed - only unconfirmed matches retrieved after July 1, 2010. The clean-up will occur only upon a new search being submitted for a prospect.

Upon submitting a search (group or individual), if Guidestar records are returned:
  • Unconfirmed records retrieved after July 1, 2010 will be deleted
  • New records, from the repaired GuideStar data load will be retrieved
  • Confirmed records will not be deleted:  
  • Once a record is deleted it will be gone from the database. If no corresponding record is found in the new data load (due to a GuideStar data purge in the new load) the record will be lost.