CoreLogic is the new data source for real estate. Some enhancements are:
  • Enhancement property valuation algorithm (see "What is the Property Valuation for real estate" (BB710054) for details on this)
  • Enhanced handling of counties that change APN (parcel numbers)
  • Expanded County Coverage
  • Larger coverage of ownership address information which will lead to higher confidence matches and recursive property matches
With this change also comes some differences you'll see in ResearchPoint/Blackbaud CRM. This includes:
  • The source shown on the real estate record for all new real estate search results will be "CoreLogic"
  • If a record currently in the database is resubmitted for research and the existing real estate record doesn’t match a corresponding record in Core Logic, the existing record will remain in the database with the source of "Fidelity"
  • The wealth capacity formula will be updated to add "Core Logic" as an included source and remove "Fidelity" as an included source
  • The change to Core Logic will not automatically recalculate estimated wealth capacity. The Major Giving Capacity will only be recalculated when WealthPoint results are refreshed, or when a prospects wealth records are confirmed/rejected/edited.