Each account you expect to auto renew must meet the following requirements. For an account that meets the requirements, TA will only auto renew the most recent pledge with benefits with the auto renew flag set.

  • Active classification with the AUTO_RENEW classification code and classification value that you specify when running the procedure.  You can set up your own classification values for the AUTO_RENEW classification code. Some commonly used values include CK (check), CH (charge), EFT (electronic funds transfer). Active classification means both that the status is active and, if the classification has an end date, the end date is later than the run date of the auto renew procedure.  The classification can be on any name on the account.
  • Active pledge with the Activity Type that you specify when running the procedure. Pledge status must be PF, FF or DF.
  • Active benefits with the Auto Renew Benefit flag set to 'Y' attached to the pledge in question.
  • Expiration date on the Account Activities record for the specified Activity Type that is within the Day Range for the Auto Renewal parameter of the date the procedure was run.
  • If the parameter Set Ok to Deliver is set to ‘N’ when running the procedure, the account must not have an active membership benefit for the specified Activity Type with Ok to Deliver set to ‘N’. 
If you require assistance configuring or encounter problems with the procedure, please create a support request at www.blackbaud.com/support providing the details of the issue and referencing this solution.