BBMS disburses funds in US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds and Euros (disbursement in Euros is limited only to banks located in Ireland and the UK). However, BBMS accepts transactions from nearly any country. Any gifts made with a different currency are converted into one of the available aforementioned available currencies. Once the gift is made, the donor will pay the exchange rates on their next credit card statement. Organizations must have a bank account domiciled in these countries if they would like to set up BBMS accounts for multiple currencies.

The exchange rate is calculated by the bank at the time the credit card is processed. The currency reported on the donor's statement is determined by where the issuing bank is located.


A donor in the France can make a donation to your US webpage with his Visa card. The donor will see the donation in Euros on his statement and the donation will be converted into US dollars and paid to you in a US dollar disbursement.


If you were to go to a website in Australia and purchase an item, you would make the purchase using your US (or Canadian) Visa card and then pay the conversion rate on your next bill. The merchant would get paid for that transaction in their local currency.

The currency reported on the cardholder statement is determined by where they card issuing bank is domiciled. For example, a US expat living abroad with a Bank of America Visa will see US dollars on his statement, even though he is using his card in a foreign country.

There are plans to support additional currencies in the future.