Merchant accounts can be created within your Blackbaud product. If using BBMS, any merchant accounts created in the BBMS portal will automatically be created in your Blackbaud product and vice versa. Otherwise, if the merchant account is created within the gateway itself (such as IATS or CyberSource), the merchant account will need to be manually entered into the Blackbaud product to reflect the gateway’s merchant account.

Merchant accounts are available to all products and can be used simultaneously within multiple programs.

  • One merchant account can be used in The Raiser’s Edge and BBNC at the same time.
  • The same merchant account can be used on multiple donation pages in BBNC.
  • The same merchant account can be used in a live environment as well as a test environment.

Any merchant account that is set up resides in the Blackbaud Payment Service which is accessible from all Blackbaud products.

Within each merchant account we have the ability to change settings such as process mode, AVS and CSC levels.  Any modifications made to one merchant account will be reflected in any of other databases or environments that use that same account. Therefore if we have a merchant account being used in the test and live environment and the process mode was changed to “demo” on the merchant account, the process mode would change to demo in both the test and live environments.

To prevent a change in a merchant account from mirroring all other areas that use that account, we have the ability to create multiple merchant accounts. This allows each account to be unique and have its own settings so that we do not tamper with any environments that require specific merchant account settings in order to process.