If the Sphere designations have been mapped to funds in The Raiser's Edge, the mapped funds will appear on the gift records under "Fund". If the designations have not been mapped, only the Sphere fund that is associated with the properties of the Thon event will come over (provided that this is mapped).

To ensure the designation information comes through:
  1. Create funds in The Raiser's Edge (ex: Thon Fund, Designation 1 Fund, Designation 2 Fund)
  2. Create fund and designations in Sphere (ex: Thon Fund, Designation 1, Designation 2)
  3. Map Sphere fund to The Raiser's Edge fund (Thon Fund <> Thon Fund)
  4. Map Sphere designations to The Raiser's Edge funds (Designation 1 <> Designation 1 Fund, Designation 2 <> Designation 2 Fund)
  5. Assign the Sphere fund (Thon Fund) to the properties of the event
  6. Enable donor designations in the event