First, ensure that you have published the change to your webfeature.  If there is a change pending in that web feature, its icon in the site structure will show with an exclamation mark.

If you have published the change, but it still does not show, note that changes may take up to 5 minutes to apply.

If more than 5 minutes have passed, check that the webfeature you are editing matches to the page you are visiting. 

Web features are identified by their Bin Index, which is found in that feature's URL.  Hover over the name of web feature in the site structure.  You will receive a popup window with a URL.

That URL will look something like this:  The section of this address after /b. is the Bin index.  In this case the Bin Index for the page is 8085047.

Click on that link to visit the page.  You should find the changes there.  If you see the changes, you might check that the page you are visiting through the front end of your site has the same Bin Index.

If it does not, you can find where that page is located in your site structure with the Locate/Search tool.

In the Home tab of your CMS management window, you will find a Locate/Search sub-tab.  In this tab, in the Search Over dropdown, select Web Pages.  In the first Search Criteria dropdown select Bin Index.

Paste the number in the text field.  The search will return the location of that web feature.