Error: This constituent might be a duplicate, when importing in a Propensity Update batch template

The Modeling and Propensity Update Batch template is used to add or update modeling and propensity data on constituent records, which is found in the Wealth and Ratings view for constituents.  This batch template is not designed to add new constituent records to the database.  However, when importing new data via this template, and mapping the constituents using existing lookup IDs, users may receive the exceptions:

There are no matched constituents for this ID.
This constituent might be a duplicate. Click here to view.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

An easy workaround is to map the constituent field to the lookup id in their import file. A long term solution is to remove the first name, last name, and Lookup ID field from import (hide those fields), and they will get populated in the batch and remain read-only there. While simple this can take a long time to complete if updating a large number of records.



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