When building a list of receivers in an eMail mailing, a user will find that the Communities folder offers many options for filtering receivers based on event role. 

The following steps are based on including all participants in a given event.  The same steps can be modified slightly to match to donors, volunteers, team leaders, etc. 

Start from:
Communications eMail > [manage the desired campaign] > Receivers
  1. Expand the Communities folder
  2. Drill down to the event type you want to work from.  Example: Special Events > Friends Asking FriendsKintera Thon
  3. Click on Choose Event
  4. Select your event from the list and click Okay
  5. You will see a list of the types of records you can select from.  To filter on participants, highlight Participants and click Add
  6. In the popup window click OK to add the filter on that record type

          NOTE:  In the popup window you can check the boxes to narrow your filter to meet additional criteria
  7. You should now have a filter in the Query box that reads "[Event Name]:  All Participants in Event(s)"
This can be useful in combination with other filters.  For instance, you want to send a message to all participants in last year's event but you don't want to include those who have already registered in this year.

Build two filters, one that selects all participants in last year's event and one that excludes all participants in this year's event.

This would look like:

[Old Event]: All Participants in Event(s)
AND NOT [New Event]: All Participants in Event(s)

If you have any questions about this, please Chat with Support and reference this article.