Creating a new merchandise item
  1. From Merchandise, click Merchandise Departments
  2. Click Add, Enter the name of Gift Certificates
  3. Unmark discounts allowed on merchandise in this department &/or merchandise in this department is taxable
  4. Click Save
  5. On the Merchandise page, click Add Merchandise
  6. Enter name Gift Certificate
  7. Select the Gift Certificate department and vendor (you might want to add your Organization as a vendor)
  8. (Optional) Enter the cost of the item, such as the cost of a paper certificate towards your organization
  9. Enter the Retail price of this item
Note: You may want to configure multiple merchandise items with varying Retail prices, like $5, $10, $20, $50

Creating a new payment method
  1. In Administration, click Code Tables
  2. In the Revenue section, click 'Other Payment Method Type'
  3. Click Add, enter Gift Certificate, click Save
  4. In Tickets, click Sales Methods
  5. Select Daily Sales
  6. On the Payment Methods tab, click Add, select Gift Certificate
  7. Repeat this process for each sales method that you accept Gift Certificates, like Advance Sales & Group Sales 

General Ledger Mapping
  1. In Financials, click General Ledger Setup
  2. Click Define Transaction Mappings
  3. Click Ticketing
  4. On the Orders tab, click Add
  5. Enter the DR (Accounts Receivable) & CR (Revenue) accounts
  6. Select the Revenue type of Merchandise
  7. Select the Gift Certificate department
  8. Click Save
  9. On the Payments tab, click Add
  10. Enter the Dr & Cr (Accounts Receivable) account
  11. Select revenue type of Merchandise
  12. Select Other as the payment method & select other subtype of Gift Certificate
  13. Click Save