Part specific articles
Error: Server Error in /PGrp47-NetCommunity-4-0-141-21 Application - when viewing page with event form part on it
Error: Server Error in /PGrp45-NetCommunity-4-0-199-21 Application - when viewing page with event form part on it
Error: Run Time Error - after viewing Transaction Manager
Error: Runtime error - when creating, editing or saving a form display part
Error: Runtime Error: An item with the same key has already been added. - when viewing page with Event Calendar Group part

Browser Cache
First, check the page in another browser or on another workstation. At times, this may be the result of corrupt browser cache. If the page loads successfully on another browser or page, clear cache. Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.

Corrupt Part
Often, this error occurs as a result of an individual part on the page. You can do process of elimination to determine which part is prompting the error by cutting parts, one at a time, off the page or template until the error is resolved. You may consider creating a copy of the page and template prior to cutting the parts off.
  1. Create a copy of the page and Template
    1. Create a copy of the Template and Page
    2. Change the template the copy page to use the copy template
  2. Determine which part is prompting the error
    1. Navigate to Site Explorer>Pages & Templates
    2. Click the search tab
    3. Search for your copy page
    4. Select the copy page from the upper pane. This will display the parts on the page and template in the lower pane.
    5. Click the scissors icon next to a part on the page, making note of the part name
      • Note: you may consider starting with Unformatted Text parts, then Formatted Text and Image parts
    6. Click the magnifying glass next to the page to view the page
    7. Repeat steps 7-8 until the runtime error is no longer visible, determining which part was prompting the error
  3. Edit the part which is prompting the error
    • If you're able to edit the part without seeing a runtime error, click Save on the part to see if a different error displays, then troubleshoot according to the error
    • If you don't see anything wrong or simply editing the part throws a run time error, you will need to recreate the part