This is most often caused by an individual part on the page, start troubleshooting with the following:

1. Click the arrow next to "Site Explorer" in the admin bar while logged in to BBNC as a supervisor
2. Click "Pages and Templates"
3. Use the search function to find the page that is giving you the error
3. Click the icon that looks like two pages to copy that page
4. Give it a name, and save the copy.
5. Now find that new page in the site explorer
6. Clicking on the page will show a section on the bottom that displays all of the parts on that page
7. Start with any unformatted text parts, and flash parts, clicking the scissors next to them to cut the page.
8. One at a time, after cutting a part, click the page with the magnifying glass over it to view that page.
9 Continue the process until you have identified the part that was causing the error.

  Once you have identified which part it was, you can navigate back to the original page in the site explorer, this time, click the pencil icon next to the part that was causing the error, instead of the scissors, and see if there is a configuration problem with it. If you don't see anything wrong, or simply editing the part throws a run time error, you will likely have to recreate the part.