Rejoin or Renew button is grayed out in Sales

When attempting to rejoin or renew a membership in Advance or Daily sales, the Rejoin or Renew button next to the constituent's membership is grayed out.  

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This occurs because the constituent's membership is currently in an inactive level.
To Renew or Rejoin a member who is currently at in inactive level to an active level: 
  1. Click Memberships 
  2. Select the Membership Program 
  3. See a warning "This membership includes an inactive level. After you add it to an order, you must edit it to pick a different level." Add the membership to the order
  4. Highlight the membership in the order and click Edit. 
  5. Select an active level. 
  1. Rejoin the membership on the constituent record. 
  2. Select the new level from the Membership Level drop down.

If you need to make the membership level active:
  1. In Memberships, select the hyper linked membership program. 
  2. On the Terms and Levels tab, click Edit. 
  3. Mark the Active checkbox for the current level. 
  4. When the membership level is active, the Rejoin button will be available. 



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