Scenario 1

In most cases, when the NetCommunity user record ends up linked to the wrong Education Edge record, the person who filled out the online form represented themselves as someone other than the person whose NetCommunity user account they were logged into at the time. The example below explains this, but as background, it’s important to understand who you are allowing to fill out and submit forms.

On the Login tab while editing Online Application forms in NetCommunity, you can choose to allow applicants to apply for themselves, you can allow selected relationships to apply on behalf of the applicant, or you can allow both. Note that Online Reenrollment forms do not allow students to reenroll themselves):

Let’s assume for a minute that you allow applicants and their parents to both start an Online Application (the blue selection above). Now for the example:
-          Applicant's mother goes to the website to fill out an application
-          She sees that she has to create a new NetCommunity user account in order to access the Online Application form
-          She enters her own information on the New Member Registration screen
-          She is then directed to the form
At this point, the form doesn’t know if the person applying is the student or a parent/relative. So NetCommunity asks the applicant's mother to indicate whether she is the applicant or a relation before she can start the application:

This is usually the point where the mixup occurs. If the applicant's mother leaves this box set to An applicant, then she is telling NetCommunity that she is the prospective student. Then, when the application is processed in Education Edge, EE follows NetCommunity’s instruction that the person logged in when the form was submitted was the prospective student (and not the mother) so it associates the Mother's online NetCommunity user account (and Online UserID) with the applicant record in Education Edge.
One way to lessen the chance of this happening is to allow only relationships of students (i.e. not students themselves) to fill out applications. Then, when the applicant's relation starts the application, they’ll see this:

This way,  NetCommunity will never mistake the Mother, Father, or any other relation for the applicant themselves. It is still possible however for a mistake to occur when the person logged into NetCommunity is asked to indicate how they are related to the student.

If for example the applicant's mother is logged into her NetCommunity user account but chooses 'Father' in the Relationship to Applicant field, Education Edge will attempt to associate the mother's NetCommunity user account with the father's Education Edge record. If the father did not previously have an EE record before the application was submitted, then the father's new EE record will be created and will be linked to the mother's NetCommunity record.

Additionally, a best practice is to add clear and overt instructions for the people accessing and filling out applications. Stress in your website verbiage how important it is that parents correctly represent who they are when filling out the form.
If you have processed an online application that has been submitted with the logged-in NetCommunity user having misrepresented who they are, the following process will allow you to establish correct linking:
- In NetCommunity, navigate to Users & Security > Users and edit the record that the user was logged into when the form was submitted.
- Click the button @ the bottom to break the link to the associated EE record.
- In Education Edge, save a temporary query to find the EE record of the person to whom the NetCommunity user record was incorrectly linked.
Run the ‘Add Users to NetCommunity’ utility in EE on just this one record by choosing the above query.
- The utility will fail and you can then choose ‘view failed records’. This will let you change the online username on the EE record to something different.

*In some cases, it may be necessary to make the change on the NetCommunity side:
- Navigate to Users & Security > Users, and edit the records that are affected
- Break the link to Education Edge, and correct the username and password on the NetCommunity side
- Run the Add Users Utility in the Education Edge > NetCommunity plug-in
- Verify that Education Edge records now show correct username/password combination

Scenario 2
The "Parents Are" field is incorrectly mapped. For example, the relationship for "Married" has Parent1/Parent2, instead of Spouse/Spouse. This can prompt the user ID to be mapped to the incorrect user. 
  1. While logged into the NetCommunity website, navigate to Site Explorer>Forms
  2. Locate the form in question and click the Pencil icon to edit it
  3. Locate the Parents Are field on the form. Note, it may have been renamed. 
  4. After the field is located on the form build (right column area), click the Pencil icon to edit it
  5. Confirm the Relationships and Reciprocal relationships are setup properly