1. Click New > Tool > Survey
  2. Name the Survey
  3. Click Select to hover over the area where you want to place the Survey page to create it's location in the Folder structure
  4. Click Create at the bottom of this page
  5. Under Form you can add email addresses for the results to be sent to and edit the confirmation or target web feature after they finish the survey
  6. Under Form List Click Add (Each form you add is a page in the survey, but you can have multiple questions (elements) per page)
  7. Minimally give the Form a title and click create
  8. Go back to Form List
  9. Select the Radio Button next to the form
  10. Click Edit
  11. Click Element List(These are your questions)
  12. Click Add
  13. Click a Field Type> Continue
  14. The next step will depend on the field type you select
  15. Once you fill out the information click Update
  16. Click Update to update the form
  17. Add additional forms and elements as needed
  18. When you're ready for the page to go live select Publish Immediately and click OK

If you need steps for reporting on the survey results, click here.