Certain fields are required for batches that are run through the EFT > Credit card processing process. For example, the application requires the "Rejection message" in the database in case your gateway rejects the transaction, due to factors such as an expired or invalid card. To resolve the issue, add the missing required fields to the batch or batch template.

To add fields to the specific batch:
  1. Go to Revenue > Batch Entry
  2. Highlight the batch and click Edit > Edit batch
  3. Customize the fields for the batch so they include the required fields (for example, if in the error it was missing "Rejection message," add "Rejection message" to the fields)
To add fields to the batch template:
  1. Go to Revenue > Batch Entry
  2. On the left, click "Batch templates"
  3. Highlight a template and click Edit
  4. Under Select Fields and Defaults, highlight the missing fields on the left and click the arrow to include them in the template.  Note: You must include all Direct Debit fields or the batch template will not show up in the EFT process to use.  On the left, expand the Direct Debit details folder, then click on each field in the folder and move it to the right.
  5. Click Save