If Blackbaud does not host your data:
  • Before Windows 2000, the usernames were shorter. Use the shortened username as the path for Windows Authentication.
  • Ensure the Windows user name is created.
  • Remove spaces from the Windows user name.
  • Verify the spelling of the Domain.

If Blackbaud hosts your data:
  1. Ensure that the user's hosting profile is created (video demo). Windows Authentication cannot be used in the hosted environment until this is completed. (Tip: Create or edit the hosting user name to include no spaces.) 
  2. Open the application. Click on Administration and then Security (Raiser's Edge) or Set up System Security (Financial Edge or Education Edge).
  3. Find the user name, or add a new user if needed (Depending on the product, refer to the following to add a new user in The Raiser's Edge, The Financial Edge, or The Education Edge.)
  4. In the user set-up, mark Windows Authentication.
  5. In Login below, enter BLACKBAUDHOST\HostingUserName. (Tip: Use a backslash...leaning to the left. A forward slash / that leans to the right will cause the error.)
  6. Click Save and Close.
  7. If you receive this error after renaming a user, delete and recreate the hosting profile and repeat steps 2 through 6.

Here is how the Hosting User Name should be entered in The Raiser's Edge:
Windows Authentication set up in Blackbaud Hosting

Here is how the Hosting User Name should be entered in The Financial Edge or The Education Edge:
User-added image