Nothing happens when clicking Install Update for WealthPoint for The Raiser's Edge under Web Services

When installing WealthPoint for The Raiser's Edge, nothing happens when users click 'Install Update' beside WealthPoint for The Raiser's Edge, which appears under Web Services in The Raiser's Edge. The screen flashes and shows 'Loading, please wait'. However, rather than the 'Configuration' and 'Show Usage Statistics' links becoming active, only the 'Install Update' link remains active. The user is therefore not able to enter their credentials using the 'Configuration' link and proceed using WealthPoint.
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Steps to Duplicate

  1. In The Raiser's Edge, select Web Services
  2. Beside WealthPoint for The Raiser's Edge, click 'Install Update'
  3. The screen will change to 'Loading, please wait', but then goes right back to the same screen and the links do not change.



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