Only primary contacts and site administrators can download the supervisor password reset utility for security purposes. The utility will not display for users who do not have those roles.

Ask a colleague who is a primary contact or site administrator to download the utility on behalf of your organization. Your organization's primary contacts are listed in the Organization Information section of your profile. Your organization's site administrators are listed at the bottom of your My Profile.

For your security, your organization is responsible for designating and controlling which users become primary contacts and site administrators. You can request the role of a primary contact at your organization from the Manage Roles section of your profile. If your organization doesn't have a site administrator, refer to How to give a user rights to become a site administrator.

If you are a primary contact or site administrator and you don't see the utility, you likely recently updated your personal profile and there will be a short delay before it's available for you to download. For more information, review Product isn't available for download from