Query List is a snap shot of an existing Constituent, Individual, Organization, or Giving Score query that can be used as a workspace. We are not able to add additional filters in Query List, but we can Add/Remove specific constituents (BB22038) (individual records or using a query) from the Query List. From the Results, there are a limited number of Output fields, which can be accessed by right-clicking the Results grid and selecting Columns. There is also a quick view of each constituent’s giving summary and constituency codes that can show to the right of the window (may need to click 'Show Details' in the top-right corner). Duplicates are automatically suppressed in a Query List. Query List can be used anywhere in the program that a query can be used.

NOTE: The results of a query list are considered static, and will not change unless you manually edit the list to add or remove constituents.

To create a Query List:

  1. From the Query page in The Raiser's Edge, click New Query List
  2. In the Query search window, search for the desired query from which to create a query list and click Open
Available tasks in Query List: (the numbers in this list below correspond to the screen shot below)
  1. Add/Remove constituents from the results (BB22038)
  2. View Giving History for constituents as well as a quick view of the Recent/Largest/First gifts for constituents
  3. View constituent codes on the constituent record 
Query List screen shot