1. On the Query page, highlight the desired query in the Results window (You may need to select the appropriate Query Category first, in order to find the query.)
  2. In the bottom-right corner (under the section titled "The selected query is used in the following..."), you will see which areas of the program the query is currently being used
NOTE: Any tasks that the user has rights to will be an active link when the user hovers the mouse over the name of the mailing, report, export, etc. For example, if a user clicks the link for a 'Appeal Cards for Board Members' in the screen shot below, this will open that specific mailing. The only tasks that will NOT appear as links are those that the user does not have rights to (i.e. if the query is used in another users' dashboards or a report that the user doesn't have rights to access). All places where the query is being used will appear in this list, but only the ones that the user has access to will be an active link.  

Where is query used screen shot