Query can be used to generate lists of data from the AR tables that may not be available through the standard reports. This includes a listing of Revenue Codes and Payment Codes.

With Query, clients specify fields and filters to define the search. For example a query can be created that lists Customer Name, Address and balance for customers that have a balance greater than a certain amount.

The results of the query can be formatted by subtotaling the balances by city, changing the font, adding headers and footers, etc.  Once the report appears as desired, it can be printed or exported
to HTML or tab-delimited text.

Query Overview

Query is organized into categories based on information type, called "views" in Query.  FundWare stores the field names for each field in the module, then organizes the fields by category. Within each view you can access any of the fields included in that view.  By hovering over multiple icons on the toolbar, you will see the available functionality.

To open Query, you must first open FundWare. You can then open Query by clicking on Accounts Receivable,  Query from the FundWare menu bar. The main Query window opens to show a navigation try that is organized as follows:
            -  Your divisions
            -  The module ( you will only see Accounts Receivable)
            -  The predefined categories of queries
            -  Shared, Personal, and Predefined queries

When you first open Query, you will only have predefined queries. As you create shared and personal queries, they will display in their appropriate folders.  It is best to first run some of the Predefined Queries to use as a modal for others you may wish to create.

Security fo Query is set through the System Administration, Security, under either Workgroups or Users. It is a function under Accounts Receivable or Cash Receipts. You can give users permission to use Query. You cannot give a user access only to certain tasks.

The FundWare business date is not used in Query, except as a field for the query results. If you insert a date or time in the header or footer of your report, the current system date and time from your computer will be used.

To Start a Query, Click for a New Query. A new query displays in the selected query folder. It is fairly easy to click on options as seen on the screen. For detailed help, see your Accounts Receivable or Cash Receipts User Guide under the chapter "Accessing the Information".

You can click to export query results either as HTML or comma-separated text or tab-delimited text. The Save As dialog box displays, asking you to select where to save the new file.