There are two batch template columns in the Enhanced Revenue Batch import template that can be used when importing multiple applications for one payment:

1.  Revenue Streams:  This is where we identify any outstanding applications that we want to apply part of the payment towards.  This may include any or all of the following: outstanding pledge installments, outstanding recurring gift installments, unpaid event registrations, unpaid membership dues.  The Revenue Streams fields correspond to what users see in the Enhanced Revenue Batch when they go to Revenue > Apply to commitments and see a list of outstanding commitments that need to be paid in the top box.  The difference here is that there is no list to identify the outstanding commitments - users will need to do that by filling in the other fields for the revenue stream.

2.  Additional application stream: This is where we identify any additional applications we'd like for the payment that are not made towards outstanding, existing commitments.  This corresponds with the second box in the "Apply to commitments" screen in batch.  Additional application types can include Donation, Other, and Unapplied matching gift claim.

Example file for £15.00 Registration Payment plus additional £8.00 donation would contain:
Lookup ID,Date,Revenue type,Amount,Constituent name 1,Application Lookup ID 1,Applied Amount 1,Application applied amount 1,TypeCode 1,Additional applications stream Application type 1,Additional applications stream Applied 1,Additional applications stream Designation 1,Additional applications stream Revenue category 1
8-14634185,01/02/2013,Payment ,23,Jamie Oliver,evreg-11008808,15,15,6,Donation,8,General Unrestricted,Personal Donation