Paid Invoices showing on the Open Invoice Reports

Invoices paid with applied Credit Memos have a paid status and $0.00 balance show on the Open Invoice Report

When reviewing the open invoice report there are many items that can cause open balances to show when after the record has been paid. To be sure we are reviewing an accurate report please make sure we are Open Invoice Report is incorrect

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Steps to Duplicate

Steps to Duplicate:

1. Open Accounts Payable> Reports> Reconciliation Report> Open Invoice Report
2. Note Invoices showing with balance
3. Open Records> Invoices> Open Invoice from Open Invoice Report> Payments/Credits Tab
4. Note the Invoice balance is $0.00, with a paid status OR invoice is paid but showing here with balance
5.  The Credit Memo is applied but application is not posted
6.  If post application, Invoice still shows on the Open Invoice Report only with a balance of $0.00


 7.82.104, patch 34

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