1.  Create an export and export the field: Relationships, Assigned Solicitor, Name
2.  The Assigned Solicitor screen appears
3.  In the field for each Constituent, enter the number of Assigned Solicitors to export, select the maximum number of Assigned Solicitors a constituent would have.
For example, if you have 100 constituents and 98 of them have one Assigned Solicitor, 1 has two Assigned Solicitors,  and 1 has 5 Assigned Solicitors, enter 5.
4.  In the Order by field, select Date From mark the Descending option
5.  Click OK
6.  Select all other Assigned Solicitor fields and other fields to export
7.  Click Export Now and follow the prompts
8.  Open the exported file in Excel and delete all columns except the ones for the latest Assigned Solicitor, which will be the first set of Assigned Solicitor fields in the file
9.  Save the file