1.  Open the template file. 
  2. Remove the merge field. 
  3. Add the merge field back into the file using the Group sales contract header file. 
    1. If you do not already have the header file saved, in Marketing and Communications> Letter Template Library, select Generate Header file in the Tasks menu. 
    2. Select the Group sales contract template. 
    3. In Word, on the Mailings tab, select Select Recipient list. 
    4. Browse for the header file and click OK. 
  4. Save the document. 
  5. In Marketing and Communications>Letter Template Library, highlight the template and click Edit.
  6. Select Clear file. 
  7. Select Choose file and re-upload the updated document. 
  8. Click Save. 
  9. On the Reservation, select the Documentation tab. 
  10. Delete the contract. 
  11. On the Due dates tab, click Create contract and re-merge the file.