All pledge reports, with the exception of the Written Off Pledge Report, use abbreviations to denote the type of pledge, number of installments, and the installment frequency of pledges listed on the report.

There are three gift type abbreviations used in these reports:

PLMMaster Pledge
MGMatching Gift Pledge

 The following guide will assist you in interpreting your reports. The # following each abbreviation indicates the number of payments specific to that master pledge.

AnnualA#Once per year
Semi-AnnuallySA#Every six months
QuarterlyQ#Every three months
BimonthlyB#Every other month
MonthlyM#Every month
Semi-MonthlySM#Twice per month
BiweeklyBW#Every fourteen days
WeeklyW#Every week
IrregularI#Inconsistent schedule

In the example that follows, the gift is a Master Pledge with eight Semi-Annual installments, as shown on an Activity Report:

Constituent NameDateTypeAmountFund
Rebecca Aaron9/15/99PLM SA82,000.00Annual Fund