1. Create and submit a data file to Blackbaud containing the records to be screened:
    1. Create a query of the constituents to include in the screening.
      Note: All records need to have a name and at least one address line. We recommend running an AddressFinder screening prior to this service so that all addresses are current and in a standardized format.
    2. Using the selected records from your query, export the following fields in CSV (comma-separated values) format:
      • Prefix
      • First Name
      • Middle Name
      • Last Name
      • Suffix
      • Address Line 1
      • Address Line 2
      • City
      • State
      • Zip Code
      • Constituent Import ID
    3. Transfer the file to our FTP site
    4. Email addressfinder@blackbaud.com when the file has been successfully transferred.
  2. Wait 3-5 days for email notification that your results are ready.
  3. Retrieve the file:
    1. Download the zip file from our FTP site
    2. Save the file onto a workstation where The Raiser's Edge is installed. This file contains the import file.
    3. Unzip the files to a location on your workstation
  4. Use the import file to update constituent records:
    1. Add the attribute to be imported in Configuration:
      1. In Configuration, click Attributes
      2. Create a new constituent attribute
      3. Enter GenderFinder as the attribute description
      4. Enter Table as the Data Type
    2. Import the attributes to the constituent records:
      Note: For complete instructions, refer to How to import constituent attributes (BB8670)
      1. In Administration, click Import Records and create a new Constituent Attribute import
      2. Browse out to the location of the unzipped import file in the What file to you wish to import? field
      3. Leave the File Layout tab set to the defaults
      4. On the Fields tab, ensure all fields are mapped
      5. On the Summary tab, mark the Create exception file of records not updated/imported checkbox and name the file C:\Exceptions.txt and mark the Create control report checkbox and select Preview
      6. Click Import Now to import the gender information as an attribute
      7. Once satisfied with the information, you can globally change the Gender field to include this. To do this:
        1. Create two constituent queries: one for each gender. The criteria is:
          Query 1: Attributes, Specific Attributes, GenderFinder, GenderFinder Description equals Male
          Query 2: Attributes, Specific Attributes, GenderFinder, GenderFinder Description equals Female
        2. Globally Change the Gender Field. You will run it twice (once for each query).